Synopsis & Plot Summary of Amy (2015):

A 90′ minute’s documentary of Asif Kapadia which is based on the six-time Grammy-winner will characterize previously unviewed muniment footage and search to narrate the London performer’s tragic description with the help of her own words. Amy Winehouse demised from alcoholic poisoning in July 2011 when he was only 27 year old. James Gay-Rees will make through Playmaker Films and World Music is on board as co-producer. “This is an unbelievably modern, impassioned and rational film that has the strength to possess the zeitgeist and radiate a light on the universe where we dwell in, in a way that very few movies can,” said Kapadia and Gay-Rees. Amy was a once-in-a-generation intelligent who drew everyone’s attraction. She notes down and sung from the soul and everyone lost under her enchant. But sorrowfully Amy assumed to downfall apart under the unstable media attention, her problematic relationships, her universal success and unsecured lifestyle. As a society being we enjoyed her lot of success but then we were fast to justify her failures when it adapted us.

Hollywood Film – Amy (2015) Movie Review & Storyline:

Amy is an upcoming 2015 movie which is based on biography of six times Grammy Winner Amy Winehouse. The movie is directed by Asif Kapadia. The movie stars Stars: Vincent Cassel, Emmanuelle B.

We come by a close up of Amy’s artistic method. Her strength was in her capability to continuously come up with song ingredients that re -echoed with her at the deepest level and include those words to music. Make combination of this with an authentic personality and a wonderful ability to communicate with an audience and you will get a true power of nature. On the negative aspect, she had to describe her individual daemons from her childhood. The tragedy of her life was to use of drugs and alcohol. One can get the sentiment from the movie of an almost essentiality of her way, but it is assumed that is always under negotiation.

Amy (2015)

The award-winning documentary of Asif Kapadia named Senna, had car accidents plentiful. It is attractive to say that his follow-up, Amy, delineate one long car accident, from begin to end. A merciful profile of Amy Winehouse, the commanding British singer and also songwriter who departed from alcohol poisoning in 2011 when he was only 27 year old, Amy flourishes its subject jumping here and there, and then weaving out of control, but for most of the movie we are normally watching her crease and break. Like all deadly car crashes, this one is heart touching, and it expresses a magnetic pull, but it is not all that bright.

Kapadia utilizes the identical format that he applied so efficiently on Senna. That is, rather than filming any new footage, he scratches the archives for chat show figures, news reports and home videos that already remained when Winehouse was alive. And rather than having a unique, all-knowing teller,

It is a blatantly sorrowful film, partly because Winehouse was so loved, and partly because she appears to be punished from its very starting, well before she is winning Grammies and cloaking the paparazzi, she is a bulimic drug taker, she has been endangered by her parents’ divorce, and she announces that she is not static enough to maintain fame.

The leading characters of the movie are Yasiin Bey, Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Tony Bennett, Pete Doherty, Blake Fielder, Mitch Winehouse, Tyler James, Salaam Remi, Monte Lipman, Janis Winehouse, Lucian Grainge, Blake Wood, Juliette Ashby, and Nick Gatfield.

The movie is scheduled to be released on 3 July, 2015.

Amy (2015) Movie Details:

Initial release: July 3, 2015 (USA)
Director: Asif Kapadia
Running time: 2h 8m
Producer: James Gay-Rees
Music composed by: Antônio Pinto
Cinematography: Matt Curtis


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